Liste des variables SMARTY PrestaShop

Voici une liste des variables global de SMARTY pour développer vos templates et modules pour PrestaShop

img_ps_dirURL for the PrestaShop image folder.
img_cat_dirURL for the categories images folder.
img_lang_dirURL for the languages images folder.
img_prod_dirURL for the products images folder.
img_manu_dirURL for the manufacturers images folder.
img_sup_dirURL for the suppliers images folder.
img_ship_dirURL for the carriers (shipping) images folder.
img_dirURL for the theme’s images folder.
css_dirURL for the theme’s CSS folder.
js_dirURL for the theme’s JavaScript folder.
tpl_dirURL for the current theme’s folder.
modules_dirURL the modules folder.
mail_dirURL for the mail templates folder.
pic_dirURL for the pictures upload folder.
lang_isoISO code for the current language.
come_fromURL for the visitor’s origin.
shop_nameShop name.
cart_qtiesNumber of products in the cart.
cartThe cart.
currenciesThe various available currencies.
id_currency_cookieID of the current currency.
currencyCurrency object (currently used currency).
cookieUser cookie.
languagesThe various available languages.
loggedIndicates whether the visitor is logged to a customer account.
page_namePage name.
customerNameClient name (if logged in).
priceDisplayPrice display method (with or without taxes…).
roundModeRounding method in use.
use_taxesIndicates whether taxes are enabled or not.